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Thin lips can age you quickly and take a toll on your smile and your confidence. Fortunately, simple solutions can help you enjoy fuller, more sensual lips, and all it takes is one office visit.

Full, pouty, kissable lips are in right now, and that means the demand for simple ways to add volume is higher than ever. Nonsurgical lip enhancement can be a great solution for anyone who’s lost lip volume due to age or for younger people who want to improve their smile and their overall facial aesthetics.

At South Lake Medical Spa, Nicole Casavant, PA-C, and our team offer customizable, natural-looking solutions for women and men looking to add volume and fullness to their lips. In this post, learn about two options that can give you the pouty look you want in just a single treatment session.

Adding volume with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States, with millions of treatments performed each year. We often use fillers to fill in lines or restore lost volume in the cheek area, but they also enhance the lips.

Dermal fillers use special solutions to add volume to the upper lips, lower lips, or both. Today, there are many different types of fillers, each using a different solution or material. Our team selects the filler option to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

We inject fillers into your lips in very precise amounts, so your lips look fuller and sexier without looking unnatural. They’re a great choice for people with naturally thin lips and those who have lost lip volume due to aging. Many fillers can last a year or more, and regular touch-up treatments can help you maintain your results indefinitely.

Creating a pout: the BOTOX® “lip flip”

While fillers add volume to your lips, BOTOX injections work differently, targeting the muscles around your lips. Many people know BOTOX for its ability to relax and smooth out lines and wrinkles, including tiny “smoker’s lines” around the mouth. But that’s not the only way BOTOX can help your smile.

BOTOX injections can create a “lip flip.” This popular treatment uses precise injections of BOTOX along the edge of your upper lip to temporarily paralyze the muscles that pull down on your lip.

In a lip flip, these injections “loosen” those muscles, allowing the upper lip to “flip” outward slightly, creating a cupid’s pout. Like fillers, BOTOX injections need touch-ups — typically every 3-4 months — to maintain the results.

Help your lips look their sexiest

We administer fillers and Botox in our office, with treatment taking under an hour. Afterward, there’s no downtime, so you can fit a treatment into even the busiest schedule. One thing to note: While the results of a filler treatment are immediately noticeable, it can take a week or so for Botox to achieve its effect.

To learn more about nonsurgical lip enhancement and how it can help your smile look its sexiest, call 352-656-6680 or book an appointment online with the South Lake Medical Spa team today.

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