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Tighten, Resurface, and Regenerate Skin

NeoGenPSR offers three key benefits: skin tightening, resurfacing, and regeneration. The NeoGenPSR device delivers nitrogen plasma into the deep dermis to stimulate internal healing without creating an open wound. Each plasma pulse releases thermal energy, resulting in immediate tissue contraction for tighter skin. The treatment preserves the epidermal layers, promoting optimal healing. Over time, as new skin cells form, the old and damaged cells are shed. The entire skin’s architecture is treated, stimulating collagen production and promoting healthier skin function and appearance.

NeoGenPSR Treats:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Photo-damaged skin
  • Acne scarring
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Viral papillomata
  • Non-facial wrinkles
  • Seborrhoeic keratosis
  • Superficial/pigmented lesions
  • Mild, moderate, and severe wrinkles

Your NeoGenPSR Experience


During your NeoGenPSR consultation, our specialists will assess your unique skin concerns and goals. They will explain the treatment process and potential outcomes and address any questions. Your skin type and condition will be evaluated to determine the most appropriate treatment parameters. Together, we will develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs.


During your session of NeoGenPSR skin rejuvenation in Clermont, you will be comfortably positioned as our skilled provider applies the controlled heating technology to your skin. The nitrogen plasma energy will stimulate a physiological response, revitalizing your skin’s architecture. The treatment is efficient and can target specific areas, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or around the eyes.


After NeoGenPSR, you can expect a relatively quick recovery. You may experience mild redness or swelling, but these usually subside within a few days. It’s important to follow post-treatment instructions, including gentle skincare and sun protection. However, there’s no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities immediately.


You can expect to see initial results from NeoGenPSR within a few weeks as your skin starts to regenerate and heal. Over time, the benefits will continue to improve, with ongoing collagen production for more than a year post-treatment. With proper skincare maintenance and sun protection, you can enjoy long-lasting results, revealing smoother, rejuvenated skin.

Benefits of NeoGenPSR:

  • Controlled heating without open wounds
  • Safe and convenient for eyelids and periorbital area
  • Long-lasting results with ongoing collagen production
  • FDA-cleared for various skin concerns
  • Suitable for non-facial wrinkles and pigmented lesions
  • Stimulates natural collagen production from within
  • Improves overall skin tone and quality
  • Little to no downtime or recovery period

To learn more about the benefits of skin rejuvenation in Clermont, contact us today for an appointment.

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Optimize Recovery & Results With:

EXO|E Exosomes

EXO|E is a comprehensive system of active, naturally occurring secretory factors derived from plants. It includes plant factors, liposomes, growth factors, and anti-stressing factors. By incorporating EXO|E into your recovery plan, you can experience less downtime while maximizing the outcomes of your aesthetic treatment. This 11-day protocol consists of three separate serum treatments: D|TOX, EXO|E, and RE|PAIR.


The D|TOX product is vital in optimizing your skin’s readiness for the upcoming NeoGenPSR treatment. By providing hydration support when needed, D|TOX helps prepare and hydrate your skin. Simply use D|TOX twice daily for five days, and your skin will be hydrated up to 10 times, ensuring optimum treatment results.


The EXO|E serum acts synergistically with the NeoGenPSR treatment to optimize immediate and visible results after the procedure. Carefully chosen active plant-based secretory factors ensure perfect compatibility with the skin, leading to targeted outcomes. By incorporating EXO|E into your recovery regimen, you can enhance the efficacy of your treatment.


The RE|PAIR product offers ten additional applications of the full complement of plant factors found in nature’s restorative processes. This is a home run for your skin, providing continuous support for restoring a youthful appearance. Following your skin rejuvenation in Clermont, apply RE|PAIR twice daily for five days to reduce side effects and optimize results.

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All About NeoGen Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

How does NeoGenPSR work?

NeoGenPSR works by ionizing medical-grade nitrogen gas and creating nitrogen plasma in the handpiece. The controlled pulses of nitrogen plasma rapidly heat the tissue, releasing thermal energy to the skin. The depth of penetration and the associated tightening, resurfacing, and regeneration effects are determined by the energy delivered to the skin. Unlike other technologies, NeoGen’s unique energy is non-fractionated. This allows for uniform energy absorption, ensuring consistent treatment and supporting significant skin tightening.

Am I a suitable candidate for NeoGenPSR?

Determining your suitability for NeoGenPSR requires a consultation with our specialists. Generally, NeoGenPSR is suitable for a wide range of skin types and light to medium skin tones. It effectively addresses fine lines, wrinkles, photo-damaged skin, acne scarring, and other skin concerns. Our experts will assess your skin condition and discuss your goals to determine if NeoGenPSR is the right treatment.

Does NeoGenPSR hurt?

During NeoGenPSR skin rejuvenation in Clermont, a numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort. Most patients report feeling a mild sensation of heat or a slight prickling sensation. The procedure is generally well-tolerated, and our team prioritizes your comfort throughout the session.

How often should I undergo NeoGenPSR to maintain the results?

To maintain the results of NeoGenPSR, it is recommended to undergo periodic treatments as advised by your specialist. The frequency will depend on your skin concerns and goals.

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NeoGen Plasma Skin Rejuvenation at Reign Medical Aesthetics

Reign Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to empowering women to reign over their beauty and embrace their confidence. Step into our luxurious and nurturing medical spa, where you can escape the stresses of daily life and elevate your aesthetic health. With the latest medical technologies and techniques, we help you feel radiant and in control of your beauty. Schedule a consultation, and embark on a transformative journey toward your desired aesthetic goals with NeoGen plasma skin rejuvenation in Clermont.

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