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Spider veins aren’t just unattractive — they can be painful, too, and sometimes, they’re a sign of a more serious problem. The good news: Spider veins can be treated without surgery and without pain. Here’s how.

Spider veins are a common problem for both women and men. In fact, most people will have at least a few spider veins at some point during their lifetimes. While spider veins aren’t life-threatening, they can be unattractive, and without treatment, they can wind up causing pain, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

At South Lake Medical Spa in Clermont, Florida, Nicole Casavant, PA-C, offers state-of-the-art spider vein treatment using the Aerolase® Neo Elite®  system. This system uses patented technology designed specifically to target those tiny, twisted, purplish veins, leaving you with skin that looks clearer and healthier. Here’s how it can help you.

Quick facts about spider veins

Also called telangiectasias, spider veins are tiny, threadlike veins that appear purplish, bluish, or reddish just below the surface of your skin. Most commonly showing up on your legs, feet, or face, spider veins tend to appear in clusters, forming a weblike appearance that earned them their name.

Like varicose veins, spider veins form when tiny veins malfunction. Inflammation inside the veins causes blood to “pool up” or flow the wrong way. Eventually, these tiny veins become visible through your skin.

While some spider veins cause no symptoms other than their appearance, many people have itching, burning, cramping, or aching. Sometimes, the skin over these veins becomes inflamed and irritated, and rubbing the skin to relieve itching or aches can result in sores and bleeding.

Even though most of us will have at least a few of these veins at some point, they’re much more common among people with a family history of spider veins, people who smoke, women who use hormonal birth control methods, and people who spend a lot of time on their feet or sitting still.

How Aerolase Neo Elite can help

Aerolase Neo Elite uses laser energy to target spider veins, gently heating them and forcing them to collapse. Once the veins seal, they gradually disappear, absorbed and eliminated by your body’s natural waste disposal system. Meanwhile, blood reroutes to neighboring healthy veins.

During treatment, the special handpiece emits laser energy through your skin without pain and anesthesia. You may feel gentle warming during your treatment, and we use a special cooling gel to ensure your skin stays comfortable and protected. 

Treatments take about 15-20 minutes, and while one treatment can be effective, most people benefit from a series of 4-6 sessions for optimal benefits. There’s no downtime afterward, making this the perfect lunchtime treatment to achieve clearer, more beautiful skin. 

There’s another benefit, too. The gentle heat from the special laser promotes collagen production, and that means your skin can also look and feel smoother and firmer over time.

Enjoyer clearer, sexier skin

Aerolase Neo could be the solution you’re looking for to finally rid yourself of unattractive, uncomfortable spider veins. To learn more, call 352-656-6680 or book an appointment online with the South Lake Medical Spa team today.

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