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Facials are a popular option for anyone who wants their skin to look and feel great. Our custom facials provide moisture, nutrients, and other benefits for healthier, more beautiful skin. Here are five ways regular facials can benefit you.

Every year, millions of Americans turn to facials to help their skin stay healthy, fresh, and beautiful. Completely customizable and beneficial for patients of all ages and skin types, it’s easy to understand why facial treatments are so popular — and why so many people make them part of their regular skincare routines. 

At South Lake Medical SpaNicole Casavant, PA-C, and our team are dedicated to helping women and men in Clermont, Florida, look and feel great with skincare tailored to each person’s needs and goals. Here’s what we want you to know about facial treatments and how regular facials can help you help your skin.

1. They encourage skin turnover

Your skin is made up of layers, and over time, healthy, new skin from the bottom layer migrates to the top, where it replaces dead, dull, damaged skin. The problem is, sometimes the dead layer doesn’t slough off efficiently, leaving dead skin cells to clog your pores, trigger breakouts, and just leave your skin looking dull.

Facials use special products designed to remove that layer of dead, dull, damaged skin, supporting the natural turnover cycle that keeps your skin healthy and beautiful. Peels and other treatments can help turnover, too, but sometimes, they have harsh elements that can irritate sensitive skin. 

Our facials are customized for your skin type and concerns, and the formulations are so gentle, that you can have facials regularly to support skin function and health. Facials are also a great way to keep the benefits of a peel lasting longer.

2. They deep-clean your pores

Your skin is covered in millions of pores, tiny openings that let your skin respire or breathe. These pores are essential for keeping your skin healthy. 

All too often, though, dirt, grime, pollen, oils, and dead skin cells get trapped in tiny pores, disrupting their normal function and leading to blackheads, pimples, and other problems. Simple washing and at-home cleansing typically can’t remove grime that’s embedded in pores — but our professional facials can.

3. They help other products work better

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a fair amount of time (and money) on skin care products designed to nourish your skin. But guess what? If your skin is covered in dead cells, oils, and embedded grime, those products aren’t going to be able to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin that need that nourishment — and that means they’re not going to give you the benefits you’re looking for.

By providing deep, thorough cleansing and exfoliation, our facials help your skin absorb moisturizers, serums, and other skin-healthy products. Plus, many of our facials contain nutrients and moisturizers essential for skin nourishment, giving your skin a healthy head start. 

4. They help your skin look younger

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against germs and pollutants containing antioxidants, substances that stress your skin and make it look older. Facials use special products that support healthy skin, eliminating residues that can damage your skin and make it look dull.

Plus, by supporting rapid skin turnover and penetrating moisture, facials also help diminish the appearance of fine lines and tiny wrinkles. Deep cleansing and nourishment keep your skin supple, smooth, and well hydrated.

5. They’re great for de-stressing

You might not think a facial could help with stress, but it can. Facials are a great way to provide a little self-care, which data show is important for your physical health and emotional well-being. Knowing you’re taking that extra step to do something for your own health and wellness is a powerful way to feel more positive.

Then there’s the physical side of a facial. During your visit, your provider applies products using a massage-like motion that helps stimulate circulation. It also helps relieve tension stored in your facial muscles — repositories of muscle stress and tension. 

And finally, facials keep your skin looking great, so you can feel relaxed and confident about the impression you’re making at work, school, and social events. 

Give your skin the attention it deserves

Your skin works hard to keep you protected — regular facials are a great way to return the favor. To learn more about the facial treatments we offer or to schedule a facial with the team at South Lake Medical Spa, call 352-656-6680 or book an appointment online today.

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