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Wrinkles might be a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Here are four common causes of deep lines and wrinkles, along with a brief overview of their treatments.

Deep lines and wrinkles can take a toll on your appearance and your self-confidence — but fortunately, there are treatments that can help. Led by Nicole Casavant, PA-C, our team at South Lake Medical Spa helps women and men in Clermont, Florida, smooth out deep folds and wrinkles with custom treatments tailored to each patient’s needs. 

If you have deep wrinkles and are wondering how they got there, you can probably blame it on one (or more) of these four common causes.

1. UV radiation exposure

Warm sunshine feels good on your skin, but too much sun exposure can be really bad. That’s because sunlight contains UV radiation, a major cause of age-related changes in your skin. 

UV radiation causes wrinkles by breaking down fibers of collagen, a natural protein that gives youthful skin its bounce, resilience, and firmness. When collagen fibers are damaged, your skin loses some of its natural support, and sagging and wrinkles become more common.

To prevent this type of damage, always wear sunscreen — even on cloudy days — and avoid direct sun exposure, especially during midday when the sun’s rays are strongest. Steer clear of tanning beds, another source of UV radiation.

2. Repeated facial movements

Every time you make an expression, muscles in your face tug on your skin, and over time, repetitive movements etch deep lines into the surface of your skin. Because these wrinkles are associated with movement, they’re called dynamic wrinkles. 

While wrinkles associated with UV exposure can form anywhere, dynamic wrinkles are mostly around your eyes, forehead, and chin. Botox® can be a great treatment choice for dynamic wrinkles because the solution blocks the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions. When muscles stop moving, folds and wrinkles stop forming.

While traditionally, Botox has been used to treat wrinkles that have already formed, today, many people opt to have preemptive treatments in their 20s to help prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming in the first place.

3. Smoking

Smoking takes a toll on your skin, too. The chemicals in smoke impair circulation, depriving your skin of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and supple. 

Some chemicals also damage collagen networks and reduce the production of new collagen. Smoking also leads to so-called “smoker’s lines,” wrinkles around the outer edges of your lips, and it can increase the appearance of crow’s feet.

4. Age

Aging causes changes in your skin’s tone and texture and shifts in your facial volume. Together, these effects increase the risk of wrinkle formation, especially when you also have a history of smoking or sun exposure.

Smooth those lines and boost your confidence

As noted, Botox is a great choice for many people with dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet, forehead lines, smoker’s lines, and lines around the chin or between the brows. All these wrinkles result from repeated expressions, like smiling, frowning, squinting, and crying.

For static wrinkles caused by age, smoking, or UV radiation, dermal fillers can help by restoring natural volume lost to aging, which smoothes out the skin’s surface. Some fillers help promote collagen development for naturally firmer skin. Our team offers a variety of fillers so you can get just the results you’re looking for.

For mild to moderate wrinkles, microneedling and FaceTiteTM treatments help by promoting natural collagen development other natural healing responses. Better still, any of these treatments can be combined based on your needs for results similar to a “mini facelift” but without the surgery.

Enjoy your best skin in the new year and beyond

Smoothing out lines and wrinkles can help you look great and feel your best, too. To learn more about these and other treatment options, call 352-656-6680 or book an appointment online with our South Lake Medical Spa team today.

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