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Smiling and frowning are great ways to show your feelings, but over time, those expressions reveal something else: lines and wrinkles. Botox® can help, but to maintain your results, you need repeat treatments. Here’s when to schedule yours.

Botox® is the top-ranking nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United States, with millions of treatments performed annually on both women and men. Quick and effective for smoothing out lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, chin, and other areas, Botox helps turn back the clock on aging while improving your confidence, too.

But as great as those results can be, they won’t last forever, so to maintain those results, you’ll need to schedule touch-up treatments regularly. 

At South Lake Medical Spa in Clermont, Florida, Nicole Casavant, PA-C, and our team offer customized Botox treatment plans tailored to each patient’s goals. That includes helping patients determine how frequently they need repeat treatments to continue looking and feeling their best.

How Botox works

Botox is a neuromodulating agent that acts on dynamic wrinkles and lines resulting from repeated facial expressions. Specifically, Botox works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals between specific facial muscles and your brain. When those signals are blocked, your muscles aren’t “told” to contract, meaning lines and folds don’t appear.

Before administering Botox, we evaluate your facial anatomy, review your treatment goals, and then map out the ideal pavement for your injections. We also use specific doses of Botox depending on your treatment, so you never have to worry about looking stiff or unnatural.

Botox treatment takes just a few moments, and there’s no downtime afterward. You may have some redness or temporary swelling around the injection site, just as with any injections. But because Botox uses very thin needles, these effects are minimized.

Most people see results within 24-48 hours once the agent has a chance to take effect, and results will continue to improve over the following days.

Scheduling your treatments

Botox can be extremely effective in reducing the look of dynamic wrinkles and smoothing your skin, making you look younger and less worn out. But it’s important to note that the effects of Botox only last for about 3-4 months in most people.

The good news is that when your results begin to wear off, you can schedule a touch-up treatment to maintain your results and help prevent those lines and wrinkles from returning. We perform your repeat treatment in the same way, and we can also adjust your injections based on age-related changes and your personal preferences.

Over time, making Botox part of your regular anti-aging routine may help your skin look smoother longer, simply because those lines and creases don’t have an opportunity to become etched into your skin. And, of course, Botox can be used in combination with facial fillers to treat lines, wrinkles, and creases from your forehead to your chin.

Learn more about Botox

Botox is popular for a good reason — lots of reasons, actually: It’s quick, it’s very effective in smoothing out lines and wrinkles, there’s no downtime, and it has a long safety track record, too. And because Botox treatments are adjustable at each session, you can achieve just the look you want and feel more confident as you age.

To learn more about Botox and how it can become a part of your anti-aging routine, call 352-656-6680 or book an appointment online with the South Lake Medical Spa team today.

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